Saturday, May 21, 2011


On Friday morning I had my medical evaluation on the main campus.  So I went to the main campus and there wasn't a shuttle there, so I started walking because I thought I knew where the clinical building was... NOPE.  So, once again, I got lost on the main campus.  Surprised?  After getting directions from someone I made it there and had my medical evaluation. Then I needed to stop by building 31 to get my smartpass to work (for the metro).  I got directions from the nurse.  After walking out of the building... I got lost again.  NIH 4, Caitlin 0.

I finally found building 31.  My smartpass works.  Then I walked back to the metro station and rode up to Rockville to work.  Nothing too eventful.  My coworkers are brilliant and when they talk about neuro stuff and behavior, I feel soooooo behind. 

After work I met up with some of my housemates and some of their friends at Madhatter in Dupont Circle area for happy hour.  It was reasonably priced.  Sam Wilder, a girl who went to Northside and maybe middle school with me met up with us at Madhatters.  After that we went to some pizza place (can't think of the name).  Then we hit up Dirty Martini.  It was a pretty classy place with really good martinis... until I saw my bill. $30 for 2 MARTINIS!?!??!?!?  SERIOUSLY.  So we left there and headed back to Madhatters to end the night. 

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  1. Hilarious that you keep getting lost on the main campus! I'm looking forward to reading posts about experiments soon.