Wednesday, May 18, 2011

1st day of "work"

Woke up this morning and realized I didn't have a bath mat, shampoo, body wash, hair product.  The worst aspect of this was the lack of hair product.  Crazy curly hair + DC humidity = AFRO.  I have never used so much hairspray in my life trying to make it look half way decent (I use mousse to make it look all pretty normally).  So I "showered" (the best I could do without shampoo OR soap) and realized I didn't have food at the house either.  I decided it was more important to get to Rockville on time than attempt to buy food in Tenleytown, so I headed to the metro wearing nice black pants, a dress shirt and kitten heels (which are itty bitty high heels for those unaware to women's footwear).

I make it to Rockville pretty uneventfully.  I get to the building and am directed downstairs to meet up with the person showing me around.  This is when the excessive walking began.  I was taken to the building next door for some paperwork.  She then informs me that I need to go to the Main Campus which is in Bethesda.  So I walk back next door because some other people were going to the main campus.  We then walk the 2 blocks to the metro.  Once at the NIH they just walk in because they have badges.  I, on the other hand, go through airport-like security.  The only I didn't have to do was take off my shoes.  Once through there, I begin walking.  I think I need to go to building 2... FAIL.  Nope.  So then I try walking around to find building 31 thinking that is where I need to go... FAIL. NOPE.  Then I find out I REALLY need to go to building 10.  I take a bus (YUP, the NIH is so big, they have buses  to take you places) to building 10.  I get my name badge FINALLY.  Which back to the beginning I mentioned that I was lacking hair product... this resulted in a frizzy looking photo.

After getting my badge, I needed to get my SmartCard for the metro.  Which I then realize is in building 31, the one I had JUST been in.  So I hop BACK on a bus and go to building 31.  I realized the people I asked for directions to building 10 from, where the people giving me my SmartCard.  After getting my metro card, I am distressed.  Honestly, I walked so far in those darn kitten heels.  I thought they would be comfortable. NOPE.

At this point I call the lab in Rockville and ask if I can go home to do the required online training at home instead of at the lab.  So I have finally gotten back to Tenleytown.  A little sweaty and with many blisters from my NIH Main Campus adventure.


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