Monday, May 23, 2011


The news tells me every day that it is going to rain.  So everyday I take my HUGE umbrella to work.  AND everyday... it doesn't rain when I have it.  Moral of the story is, I'm going to go buy a tiny umbrella to put in my purse, and only take my huge one if it is actually raining.
When I got to work I had a pleasant surprise... I'M ON THE PROTOCOL!  This means that I am FINALLY able to touch the mice.  Unfortunately not many people have asked me to do things yet.  One of my coworkers had me do a PCR with him just observing (which is basically "cloning" DNA).  It was nice to get to do something.  Later in the day I had to help with the alcohol chambers because two of the researchers flew to Colorado today for a Neuroscience convention.  So two of us got everything ready to put the mice in the alcohol chambers.  GUESS WHAT?!?!  I got to inject mice with alcohol (*Thanks Dr. Wrenn for showing me how to do intraperitoneal injections because I did some TODAY!).  So after giving the mice a little buzz, we put them in the chambers to inhale alcohol overnight.

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