Monday, May 23, 2011

Weekend Continued

Saturday, May 21st I met up with my sister Kayla and Jinae to explore DC by foot.  We met up at a metro stop and began the walking.  We first walked to the National Mall and then to the Smithsonian Museum of American History.  Of course our first stop was into the First Ladies exhibit.  There were many pretty... and many ugly dresses.  Next up was the Washington National Monument.  From there we walked to the World War II Memorial.  Kayla and I took a picture in front of Wisconsin!  My favorite stop was the Lincoln Memorial.  Following that, we walked to Georgetown to get food.  Next we walked around and took pictures in front of the White House.  For some reason I thought it would be bigger!  At this point, my legs were KILLING!  I road the metro back to Tenleytown to shower and change to meet up with Kayla and Jinae to go out.

Sunday, May 22nd
We woke and up and POWER walked to McDonalds because Jinae and I really really wanted McDonalds breakfast.  In Wisconsin breakfast stops at 10:30 AM, here it's 11 AM!  After that we all road the metro to the airport to rent a car.  Finding the car rental place was in similar fashion to me finding my way around the NIH... we made many wrong turns, asked multiple people for directions... THEN found it.  Kayla and Jinae were doing the Warrier Dash in Maryland so we had to drive there.  Basically the Warrier Dash is a 5K obstacle race (including jumping over fire and climbing through mud).  I took the pictures and did not run :).  Afterwards we drove back to DC, returned the car, cleaned up, and went to dinner around 9:30 PM (WAYYYYYYYY later that my normal 4:30-5 PM dinners in WI and IA).  After that I was soooo exhausted from walking sooooo much this weekend, I went home and went to bed.

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