Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Reasons you know you are working in a lab...

1. you stop wearing makeup to work because you realize mice do not care what you look like
2. stop trying to make your hair look good-for the same reason listed above.
3. You've wondered why you can't drink distilled water in the lab - Isn't it clean?
4. You cannot function without your first cup of coffee in the morning
5. You speak to mice. ie: hey little fella, please don't move!
6. When you learn that company reps are coming to the building, you first find out if they have food, then the location
7. You constantly think your hands smell like mice... or smell from your gloves.
8. You find shooting the tips off your pipettes fairly amusing... they do go quite far.
9. You have used Kim Wipes as kleenex
10. You don't take a lunch.  Lunch occurs at your desk while you work on data.

These are just a few things I though of today while doing 9 hours of data work....

1 comment:

  1. 11. you know someone who got an infected eye from mouse brain that flew into her eye... true story.