Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Once again, I am behind on my blogging.... ((I typed this on my iPad, so sorry if the formatting is odd.))

Friday, June 24th, 2011
I left work early so i could catch the eastern bus from Chinatown to NYC. I met Shruti
and we began our very long bus trip to the city. The trip was supposed to take 4
hours... so naturally it took 6.5 hours. On the trip I had to use the bathroom and I would
pee my pants, so I gave in and used the bus bathroom. EW. There was no light in the
bathroom, the toilet paper was in a puddle on the floor, and there was some graffiti on
the wall. When i went to flush the toilet, the window of the bathroom like few open!!! I
honestly thought the window was falling off the bus! There is a possibiilty that the car
next to us got a free show. I walked out of the bathroom laughing so hard- partially
because i had a heart attack when the window opened.

When we finally got off the bus at Penn station, my phone was about ready to turn off
(as always), so Shruti and I walked into Starbucks to charge it for a couple minutes.
We parted ways and she went to her cousins. I began walking north. It was so nice
out that I walked for a little bit before looking for a cab. When i started looking for a
cab, i couldn't get one!!! After a few more blocks I finally got a cab and made it to my
cousin Tim's street. He came downstairs to meet me with his daughter, Lulu. It was
good to see him, I'm pretty sure the last time I saw him, was 5+ years ago! One of his
comments was that I was tall.... Haha.

We took the elevator up to the 7th floor to his place. It is AMAZING. I am so used to
seeing 20-somethng's apartments that i was shocked to see how big and nice it was. I
guess I expected it to be a lot smaller since it is in the city. The decorations were super
cute too thanks to his wife, Bernie. Unfortunately Bernie was out of town on business
so I didn't get to see her. When I got to Tim's we ordered takeout and relaxed in the
living room. Lulu watched a cartoon and I caught up on my emails and read the news.
Lulu was nice and let me sleep me sleep in her room.

SATURDAY, June 25th

I woke up at 9 am, which is early for a Saturday! After I showered, Tim, Lulu, and I went
to a cute little diner for breakfast. After eating, we walked to central park. I bought two
photos that i thought were really cool. I saw the famous boat house which was neat to
see. We made a stop in the Central Park zoo for Lulu. It was awesome! We saw seals,
penguins, a polar bear, and other random animals.
Lulu and I in Central Park

Lulu and I in the Central Park Zoo

After the zoo we started walking toward Rockafeller Center. Once there we bought tickets to go to the top floor called, "Top of the Rock.". It is 67 floors up so it gave us a fantastic view of the city.
After taking in the sites, we returned to ground level and we walked to Times Square. I
don't see what the big deal about Times Square is. I thought it was kind of gaudy!

At this point we walked to the Wintergarden which is near Ground Zero. The Winter
Garden has a large glass roof and Tim told me that when the first tower collapsed on 9/
11, all the glass was blown out. I looked out at Ground Zero from there and you could
not tell that it wS were the Twin Towers were, I guess i expected to see statue or
memorial or something. There is a new building being built. When the building is done,
it will be the tallest building in the US. From there we took the subway down to Chinatown. It was my first NYC subway experience! I expected it to be way dirtier. It
was strange how so many lines are connected once underground. Also, their subway
not so underground like DC's is, there was only a couple sets of stairs unlike DC which
has huge escalators for the metro. We walked around in Chinatown, then walked
through Little Italy. In Little Italy I bought a canolli which was yummy! At this point, it
was around 4 pm.  We went back to the apartment because we were all tired.

At 11 PM I met up with a group of people from Drake that are in NYC (living there for the summer or have a job).  We went to the Hudson Terrace Lounge and were on the rooftop.

Drake Girls!

I met up with a couple of people that I had met in DC that also happened to be in NYC.  We were in Chelsea.  After only a couple hours I had to run back to Penn Station to catch my bus back to DC.  When getting on my bus, I had to walk over the subway grate thing... and naturally had a Marilyn Monroe moment.  The bus driver seemed to enjoy the free show.

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