Thursday, July 21, 2011

Holocaust Museum and work update

Since last time a I posted, I have been busy!  I had a couple friends come to visit so we hit up some of the historic things in DC.  My favorite thing we went to was the Holocaust Museum.  It is unbelievable.  The building has a dark, solemn feeling.  People do not speak loudly and everyone acted in a very respectful way.  We spent about 2 hours in there reading everything.  The room of shoes is what most people find the most moving.  There is a room that has piles of shoes that were taken from a concentration camp.  Before people were killed, they had to strip down and take everything off so the clothing and shoes could be reused.  It's a very disturbing room and it still has a funny smell to the room.  There is a train car from one of the trains that took people to the concentration camps in the museum.  The train car is very disturbing.  I stood in it and tried to picture what it was like to be cramped into a tiny car with very little air, no food, and people dying from the heat and exhaustion.  Towards the end of the museum there is a wall that has people who helped Jewish people hide and escape Nazis.  I respect those people so much to stand up for what is right even though they were often murdered for doing the right thing. I'm glad that I took time to go the museum, even though it was depressing to see what humans are capable of.

 So I am the data queen.  I copy and paste into excel like you wouldn't believe.  But, seriously.  Besides doing lots and lots of data analysis, I have been doing more tail snips and PCR (genotyping mice).  Next week I will be starting a new project with a post Doc to do my end of the summer poster on, "the Pharmacokinetics of novel drug AM____".  It's a drug that has potential to be used for PTSD.  I learned earlier this week how to do IV injections.  The problem with mice is that they do not have an arm I can just stick a needle in, you have to find a vein in their tail.  This is unbelievably hard!!!!!!  Every time I got the needle in the vein, the mouse would move and the needle would come out of the tail. I also learned how to do a gastric lavage.  So basically I still a like needle like thing down the mouse's throat into it's stomach so I can directly insert the drug into it's stomach to simulate oral ingestion of the drug.  This is SOOOOOO much easier than IV.  I'll be practicing IV lots today so I can get this down....

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