Thursday, June 16, 2011

DC epiphany

So this post is more about my thoughts rather than events. 

Until this summer, I never did things that were out of ordinary.  I lived in Wisconsin, moved to Iowa for college, and then worked in Iowa.  Now, I'm living in a city that I came to not knowing more than a handful of people.  It was strange to move here and not have my social network.  I have had to make friends and  navigate my way around this new city.  The part of town  I am living in is called Tenleytown.  Basically my exposure of DC was mostly seeing men wearing plaid shorts, khaki shorts, or pastel colored shorts (knees showing) paired with a polo (often in a bright color).  Lets just say, I have felt out of place in this part of town.

On Tuesday evening I met up with a friend (one I met at a party I went to with Jinae, my sister's college roommate) on U Street.  Being on U street made me feel like I finally found my part of town.  It is diverse, hip, and urban feeling (no one wearing pastel polos).  It is were the famed Ben's Chili Bowl is.  After walking around a little bit on the street, she showed me Malcolm X park. WOW, the park is amazing.  It is so beautiful.  From there, I began walking to the Woodly Park metro station.  For once, it was a cool evening with low humidity.  When I reached Woodly Park, I decided to keep walking.  Connecticut Ave is wonderful.  I jumped on the metro at Cleavland Park since my phone was dying.  This was the first time since I have been in DC that I felt like this city is a place I could potentially return to.

Malcolm X Park

View from Connecticut Ave

Another view while walking on Connecticut

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