Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Another lost adventure

Friday, June 3rd
After work one of my housemmates and I jumped on the metro and went to Truckeroo. Truckeroo is a fantastic event held once a month in dc that brings a bunch of the food trucks to one area. I ate at the famed Lobster Truck. For $15 i got a lobster sandwich... After waiting about 30 minutes in Iine. It was soooo good!!! Worth it! After getting my lobster roll, I met up with a few other friends that had gotten a table. After sitting there'd for a while we rode the metro to Georgetown so one of the girls could change.

We went to Dupont because it was within walking distance and right off the red line ( the line I use to get to my house).

Saturday morning I woke up a little late, but went to work out first. A friend from grade school was having a BBQ in Alexandria, VA so I began on my adventure. First got on the red line and rode to Chinatown. Once there i was supposed to get on the yellow line... But I accidentally got on the green. After going one stop I realized I was going the wrong way. The weekend metro wait times suck. The trip was supposed to take me an hour... so naturally it took me 2 hours.

Once I got off the metro I realized the bus number I wrote down was not right. I had NO idea what bus to take. Since I have learned my lesson to not talk to strangers, it was convenient that a police officer walked past (they don't count as strangers). I asked him if he could help me because I did not know what bus to take. He then said,"you will have to get in the back.". At first i was really confused, then I realized he was going to drive me in a cop car! So after about a ten minute drive, I showed up to my friend BBQ.... in a cop car.

In the morning Charlie's aunt picked me up and we drove to Virginia to go to church. I am lutheran but we went to a Baptist church. I was my first time going to a Baptist church. It was very different because the order of things are different and the music is different (not in a bad way). I liked the music, especially when two sisters got up and did a duet. They were amazing! I think I prefer Lutheran because it is what I'm used to so it's easy for me to follow what is happening which allows me to get the most out of my experience. I will probably go again this summer.

After the service we went to a country club with the church for brunch. The meal was so good; roasted chicken, green beans, Mac and cheese.... Yummmmmm!!!

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